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August 26, 2016 View email in browser

435 cop shootings

The Tribune has created a database on all 435 police-involved shootings in Chicago from 2010 through 2015. Among the findings: about four out of every five people shot by police were black males.

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Why Rauner fears teacher pension board vote

The board that oversees the Teachers Retirement System is scheduled to vote on whether to lower the expected rate of return on investments, a move Gov. Rauner’s office says could blow a massive hole in Illinois’ already shaky finances.

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Court gives Madigan a big win

The Illinois Supreme Court has ruled to keep off the November ballot a question asking if the state constitution should be amended to reduce politics in the drawing of legislative district boundaries.

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Elgin Muslim leader admits sex abuse 

Mohammed Abdullah Saleem, 77, has been given probation and must register as a sex offender after pleading guilty to abusing two females, one a minor.

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Kass: A shooting kills ‘hope of Chicago’

John describes the emotions of Mayor Rahm Emanuel and hundreds of others Thursday at the funeral of Arshell “Trey” Dennis III, the accomplished son of a Chicago cop, recently gunned down on a porch.

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Quiz: Original names of famous sites in Chicago

Think you know your local trivia and history? Mary Schmich puts you to the test.

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Cubs cover their bases for postseason

With the Cubs all but assured of having the best record in the National League this season, here’s beat writer Mark Gonzalez’s look at what they need to do to prep for the playoffs.

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Italy rescuers’ heart-breaking find

A crew digging in earthquake rubble found two little sisters hugging. One was dead.

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