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August 26, 2016 View email in browser

Opternative made white men a minority at the office

What does it take to build a diverse venture-backed startup in Chicago? For Aaron Dallek, CEO and co-founder of four-year-old Opternative, the answer is commitment.

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UIC invented an artificial leaf that turns CO2 into fuel

University of Illinois at Chicago researchers have developed a way to mimic plants’ ability to convert carbon dioxide into fuel.

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Can a Latino incubator get companies to the next level?

A new incubator at tech hub 1871 wants to help Chicago’s Latino population tap into the city’s startup scene.

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The web turns 25: Here’s one of Chicago’s oldest websites, from Fermilab

Fermilab made history when it put up an aesthetically simple HTML site for its employees to use in late 1992 — one of the country’s first websites.

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Illinois Tech delays, downsizes new innovation building

Illinois Institute of Technology held a groundbreaking ceremony on its new innovation building Thursday, but major construction is almost a year behind schedule.

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Behind the scenes with SwipeSense’s finance director

Annie Aladjova, 28, director of finance at SwipeSense, talks to Blue Sky’s Inside Job about life at the company and about how accounting is “like solving a puzzle.”

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