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August 28, 2016 View email in browser

Hillary forgets the lessons of Bill’s presidency

Bill Clinton did a huge amount to advance liberal goals by refusing to lurch to the left. What part of that does Hillary Clinton not understand? By Steve Chapman.

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Why I’m leaving Illinois for Indiana

Effective August 31, I will leave Illinois, my proud home for nearly all of my life, for the fiscally sound state of Indiana.

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Voters, take back your state

The Illinois Supreme Court, by blocking redistricting reform, turned its back on countless voters who want to end the partisan gridlock that hurts this state.

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Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? Who’s least bad?

Choosing between Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump boils down to who’s least bad, writes Clarence Page.

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Crazy political mapping in need of a national remedy

The Independent Maps effort failed, but the fair way to get rid of gerrymandering is with federal action, writes Eric Zorn.

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Greetings from Earth, Proximans

An open letter from Earth to Proxima b inhabitants.

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Chicago’s trail of tears: Potawatomi warriors’ 1835 dance marked eviction

The Treaty of Chicago meant eviction for the Potawatomi tribe, who marked it with a grave warriors’ march that was frightening to behold.

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Scott Stantis cartoons

Check out the latest cartoons by Tribune editorial cartoonist Scott Stantis.

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