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August 29, 2016 View email in browser

How Illinois politicians consciously created these debt and pension crises

The enormous debt and pension crises now menacing taxpayers didn’t erupt spontaneously, like unexpected tornadoes roaring out of blue sky. Illinois politicians consciously invited these crises.

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Clearing a debate path for Gary Johnson

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are unloved. A lot of Americans would like to consider Libertarian Gary Johnson. He should join a presidential debate.

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My unhappy Facebook: I’m tired of all the digital political clashes

I’m sick and tired of all the political clashes on Facebook.

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Hillary and her many, many, many wheelbarrows

The Clinton Foundation may not have sold any policy changes, but it definitely sold the wheelbarrows, writes Jonah Goldberg.

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Front-row seats for the GOP’s Trumpian nosedive

The GOP has rendered itself impotent by its embrace of the sad clown Donald Trump, who made everybody laugh — for a while, writes Kathleen Parker.

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Colombia shows the world how to wage peace

The deal to end hostilities between Colombia’s government and the rebels of FARC is a marvel of compromise and trust between bitter foes.

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Texting, speeding and cheap gas are killing more of us

Traffic fatalities have risen dramatically for the second consecutive year. The causes? Cheap gas, a decent economy and rising speed limits.

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Scott Stantis cartoons

Check out the latest cartoons by Tribune editorial cartoonist Scott Stantis.

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