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Celebrate the W! Get exclusive team memorabilia with a Tribune subscription

Celebrate the W with exclusive team memorabilia – Chicago Tribune Subscribe today :$3y/ct1-0 Viewinbrowser :$3y/ct2-0? Chicago Tribune$3y/ct5-0 Hey, Chicago, what do you say? Unlimited digital access, all postseason long, just 99c for 8 weeks$3y/ct1-0 Celebrate Chicago’s baseball world championship with this special subscription offer. Commemorate the day the curse was finally broken and get EXCLUSIVE TEAM MEMORABILIAwhen you subscribe to the Chicago Tribune today: Save Now FATHEAD SET A set of six exclusive Fathead Tradeables™(5″ x 7″) featuring iconic images of the team in fun emojis, including the marquee, the scoreboard, and the W flag T-SHIRT Our exclusive commemorative T-shirt featuring the Cubs logo and famous W for the 2016 World Championship HISTORIC COPY Your own copy of the historic Chicago Tribune from November 3, 2016 : documenting the World Series championship PRINTING PLATE These newspaper press plates of the November 3, 2016 : front page are suitable for framing and produced in our very own Tribune pressroom. Made from aluminum, a printing plate is used to transfer images and text to newsprint paper. Take advantage of this special today. Other subscription options are also available. SUBSCRIBE TODAY :$3y/ct1-0 Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of gifts. Offers only available in the U.S. Chicago Tribune$3y/ct5-0 Sign up for newsletters :$3y/ct4-0 | Unsubscribe :” >$3y/ct3-0? | Privacy Policy :$3y/ct6-0 | Copyright © 2016 Chicago Tribune | 43‌5 N. Mic‌higan Av‌e., Chi‌cago, ‌IL 60‌611 | 1-800-TRIBUNE : tel:1800TRIBUNE