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November 4, 2016 View email in browser

Cubs Nation converges

Huge crowds are coming into the city, and Mayor Emanuel promises a “parade that 108 years have waited for” as Chicago throws a procession today from Wrigley Field to Grant Park to honor the World Series champion Cubs.

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Celebration updates

We’ll have tweets, photos, videos and updates all day from Wrigley Field, downtown, the parade and the rally.

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Bartman ‘overjoyed,’ but laying low

The man many Cubs fans love to hate confirms through a spokesman that he’s thrilled they won the Series, but he has no plans to attend today’s celebration.

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Chicago River dyed blue 

City boat crews began turning the river Cubbie blue earlier today. (Insert pollution joke here.)

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Remembering the moment permanently 

Since the Series win on Wednesday night, tattoo parlors say there’s a spike in customers wanting Cubs logos.

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Fans we’ve lost will be there — just look up

Rex Huppke believes Cubs fans from the past will be present today. “You can call them what you wish — angels, spirits or merely memories that make us sense the presence of those who’ve passed — but they will be there, en masse.”

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‘Hamilton’ cast catches Cubs fever

The Chicago production of the musical hit had a surprise for the audience during Thursday night’s curtain call.

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Harvard cancels men’s soccer season after sexual ‘scouting report’ 

Harvard University suspended its men’s soccer team for the remainder of the season after the discovery of a sexual “scouting report” on the women’s soccer team.

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