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November 4, 2016 View email in browser

Cubs parade delights crowds along 6-mile route from Wrigley

Downtown Chicago transformed into a sea — and a river — of Cubbie blue Friday, as the city threw a parade 108 years in the making.

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A permanent reminder? Tattoo parlors see rising interest in Cubs logos

Local tattoo parlors say there’s more interest in Cubs logos after the team’s World Series win.

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Sox fan asks: When is all this going to end?

Kass: Chicago White Sox fans — remember us? — have a question for our Cubs fan friends:  Just when is all this going to end?

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Deal to drop Sox Park naming rights early costs U.S. Cellular $13 million

U.S. Cellular said its third-quarter earnings were dinged by $13 million as a result of expenses from ending its naming rights agreement early.

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Workplace benefits of all stripes are becoming harder to come by

Brace yourself for another year of stinging health insurance costs. As open enrollment periods begin in workplaces, workers are facing the annual shock of rising health care costs.

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It’s time to halt North Shore medical system merger

Pulling the plug on the proposed union of Advocate and NorthShore health systems is probably a sound idea, writes Robert Reed.

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ACLU fundraising chief works toward $5 million goal

Monique Hanson, director of development at the ACLU of Illinois, in the latest edition of the Tribune’s executive question-and-answer feature.

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To sell customers on virtual reality, companies know they need to really experience it

Stores count on real-world demos to sell customers on virtual reality.

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