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Jane Smiley’s ‘Golden Age’ to receive Heartland Prize for Fiction

Author Jane Smiley becomes only the second repeat Heartland Prize winner for “Golden Age,” the third book in her trilogy on an Iowa farm family, the Langdons.

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A tale of a dyslexic spy who almost sold U.S. intel

Yudhijit Bhattacharjee tells a tale of a dyslexic spy who very nearly sold U.S. high-level intel to Libya and the cat-and-mouse game that netted him.

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‘Remembering Katharine Hepburn’ and her life in Connecticut

Katharine Hepburn’s life in Connecticut is the star of Ann Nyberg’s affectionate book.

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Suburban bookseller Anderson’s continues to draw crowds with events

One of the biggest players in Chicago’s bookseller scene is located not in the city proper, but in the leafy suburb of Naperville.

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Margo Jefferson memoir ‘Negroland’ a resonant Heartland Prize winner

Pulitzer Prize winner Margo Jefferson is the winner of the Heartland Prize in nonfiction for her chronicle of growing up in Chicago in the 1950s, “Negroland.”

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Books on election language, James Buchanan resonate in current climate

The United States of America is a place made out of words.

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Snoopy enters a new legacy phase

With the dismissal of Snoopy as spokesbeagle for MetLife, a beloved character from the youth of Biblioracle John Warner enters a new legacy phase.

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Kelly Luce’s ‘Pull Me Under’ tells of the darkness inside

Kelly Luce’s “Pull Me Under” starts promisingly, but some tedium sets in during the second act leading to a highly satisfying conclusion.

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