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November 7, 2016 View email in browser

Whiskey boom lifts Beam Suntory sales

Some like it neat. Others prefer it on the rocks. But a rare glimpse of Beam Suntory’s financial health showed about what one might expect: We Americans enjoy our whiskey.

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TV news prepares for a record-setting election night with Trump vs. Clinton

If the wild, unpredictable 2016 presidential campaign is a reality show starring Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, think of election night as the series finale.

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More hotels are offering free Wi-Fi, parking and a hot breakfast

A survey of the nation’s hotels finds that most are offering more free amenities, including free WiFi.

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Lyft, Uber, Zipcar, Maven offer Election Day rides

Attention millennials, especially those living in cities.

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Southwest pilots approve contract that boosts pay almost 30 percent

Southwest Airlines pilots approved a new contract that will boost pay almost 30 percent over its term and improve retirement benefits while falling short of recent raises proposed at some rival U.S. carriers.

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The NFL of e-sports? This company wants to create ‘Overwatch’ league with city-specific video game fans

In an e-sports league for Overwatch, Blizzard Entertainment is adopting elements of traditional sports to form the most extensive e-sports league since a tidal wave of interest in the concept.

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Cub Javier Baez draws huge crowds to Macy’s State Street store

Die-hard Cubs fans lined up — some of them since Sunday — outside Macy’s on State Street Monday morning, hoping to meet Javier Baez and get his autograph.

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How much would Clinton’s, Trump’s plans relieve high cost of child care?

During a divisive election season, the high cost of child care is a concern for people of all political bents.

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