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November 8, 2016 View email in browser

What you need to know on Election Day in Illinois

It’s Election Day, November 9, 2016. Get updates, tweets, photos and videos as Chicagoland, Illinois and U.S. voters go to the polls. LIVE COVERAGE

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A complete list of Chicago Tribune endorsements

Take this one-page list of our endorsements with you to the polls. Yes, it’s legal.

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Decision day for Illinois voters on president, Senate and beyond

An ever-more-polarized electorate goes to the polls to decide races from the White House to the county courthouse in one of the most contentious and expensive elections in Illinois history.

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Officials appeal for calm, condemn rhetoric after police shooting

Mayor Emanuel condemned demonstrators for “ethnically-tinged language” over the fatal shooting by police of a black man in the predominantly white neighborhood.

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Residents on crime-plagued blocks: ‘People ain’t neighbors no more’

It’s more than violence and poverty hurting the neighborhoods, it’s also the lack of community between older and younger residents.

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A year after hitting market, medical pot use growth steady, slow

One year after Illinois began allowing the sale of medical marijuana, the program is expanding slowly — too slowly for advocates.

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Cubs plan removal of chalk messages on Wrigley Field walls

The Cubs will soon start fencing off Wrigley Field’s exterior outfield brick walls and then begin removing the chalk artwork and messages.

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How renting my place on Airbnb helps me travel the world

Rebecca Holland uses the Airbnb income from her Chicago apartment to help pay for her globe-trotting adventures.

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