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What you need to know about Illinois election results

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What you need to know about the Illinois election:

*Democrat Hillary Clinton cruised to an expected easy victory over Republican Donald Trump in the state where she was born. She wasn’t as fortunate in the rest of the country.

*Democratic U.S. Rep. Tammy Duckworth dispatched Republican Sen. Mark Kirk by about 15 percentage points. She won the crucial swing territory of the suburbs, where he previously had run well. Duckworth crushed Kirk in Chicago but he did better Downstate. You can read more about Illinois’ new junior senator-elect here.

*Gov. Bruce Rauner and his allies spent tens of millions of dollars to try to take away power from Democrats led by House Speaker Michael Madigan. What did all that money buy? Looks like a net pickup of at least three House seats and two Senate seats, with a handful of other races too close to call. Madigan said GOP money and Trump were tough to overcome Downstate but indicated he wasn’t backing down from a fight with Rauner over the budget.

*The Illinois congressional delegation will have an 11-7 split in favor of the Democrats. Former Rep. Brad Schneider reclaimed his seat in the 10th District along the North Shore from Republican Rep. Robert Dold in their third meeting. Democrats also kept Duckworth’s seat, with Raja Krishnamoorthi winning the 8th District. The rest was status quo.

*Illinois is getting a new state comptroller, the office that controls the government checkbook, a not-insignifcant job at a time of a budget standoff. Chicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza claimed victory over Republican Comptroller Leslie Geissler Munger, an appointee of Rauner. Mendoza has backing from Madigan, and Mayor Rahm Emanuel showed up at her victory party, returning the favor from when she was his 2015 re-election campaign co-chair. It wasn’t a landslide, with less than 5 percentage points separating Mendoza and Munger. Mendoza was outspent, and Munger had some of the sharpest TV ads of the campaign. The contest was viewed as a proxy war between Rauner and Madigan. Read more about the new state comptroller-elect here.

*The Illinois Constitution will be changed as voters approved an amendment requiring that gas taxes, tolls and the like be spent on transportation projects. The measure was backed by road builders and labor unions. It will further tie the hands of lawmakers and the governor during the budget standoff because it prevents them from diverting hundreds of millions of dollars from the road fund, a practice that has been used to paper over shortfalls in the past.

*Cook County report: Kim Foxx became the first African-American elected Cook County state’s attorney, saying in her victory speech that it would take years to fix the system she has pledged to reform. "The good thing about me is that I’m a patient woman, but I’m also relentless," she said.

Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown won a fifth term, despite a federal probe of her office. Karen Yarbrough won a second term as recorder of deeds, but it’ll be her last term in that post be because voters approved a referendum requiring it to be folded into the clerk’s office by 2020.

*The law clerk in ‘fake’ judge case wins real judge election in Cook County. But she’s not about to take the bench — she is under indictment, her law license has been suspended and the state’s highest court has barred her from being sworn in.

*Strong voter turnout in Chicago unhampered by problems at polls.

*Illinois Trump supporters were buoyed by early returns

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