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November 9, 2016 View email in browser

Failed polls call into question the profession of prognostication

U.S. survey companies and media organizations that collectively presaged a close Hillary Clinton victory now face an autopsy on how they got it so wrong.

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Shift to automation may prevent Trump from delivering on his jobs promise

Advancements in technology and how they reshape our economy may also keep Trump from delivering on some of the major promises that made him so popular during the campaign season.

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Drugmakers soar, gun companies sink: Stocks react to Trump

Here’s how some industries shook out as investors try to anticipate how Trump’s talk on the campaign trail might translate into policies that affect U.S. companies.

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Trump’s unconventional campaign takes bite out of TV political ad revenue

Trump’s path to the White House took a bite out of TV political ad revenue for some station groups.

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President-elect Trump’s business adventure has only begun, so hang on

Think about this: Donald Trump, chief executive officer of the United States of America.

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Coca-Cola, PepsiCo hit with wave of taxes as cities punish soda

Coca-Cola and PepsiCo face a wave of new soda taxes after four U.S. cities voted to pass the measures, part of an escalating war on sugary drinks.

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GM laying off over 2,000 at 2 car plants as sales slow

General Motors says it will suspend the third shift at two car factories early next year because American consumers are shifting from cars to SUVs and trucks.

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McDonald’s scraps ‘Create Your Taste’ in favor of simpler custom burger plan

McDonald’s has ditched its “Create Your Taste” customized burger program in favor of a new test of a mix-and-match plan that’s easier to manage.

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