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November 10, 2016 View email in browser

King Trump reminds us that stuff happens

Yes, Trump won. And “King Charles III” at Chicago Shakes imagines a story of the British monarchy that is much less difficult to believe in the wake of King Trump’s election.


An extraordinary ‘Fun Home’ where nobody knows themselves

The Broadway musical about an artist who grew up in the thrall of her dad’s mythology gets 4 stars. But was it as good as the Broadway production? Read on…

Judy Garland in London, at the ‘End of the Rainbow’

Angela Ingersoll is giving the performance of her career in Porchlight Music Theatre’s latest. We think it’s the best Judy Garland portrayal you are likely to see.

‘Prince/Bowie’ tribute concert shows why they were heroes

This year’s Chicago Humanities Festival concert showed the parallels between these two musical greats — who died too soon. And included a number of performances worthy of the two groundbreaking artists.

Penn Jillette tells Humanities Fest crowd about his current extreme: His diet

“If you take medical advice from a Las Vegas magician, you … deserve to die,” said Jillette at a Chicago Humanities Festival event. But then he talked about how potatoes changed his life. Yep. Potatoes!

Sans elephants, the Greatest Show on Earth hits the ice

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey has a new circus with elephant-sized holes, but it still manages to be one of the best in 20 years. How? Think “Frozen.”

‘Rutherford’s Travels’ a brave and ambitious voyage for Pegasus Theatre

Pegasus Theatre’s adaptation of Charles Johnson’s award-winning 1990 novel “Middle Passage” covers a lot of ground. And it mostly succeeds. Read the 3.5-star review.


Chicago cast of ‘Hamilton’ adds ‘Go Cubs Go’ to curtain call

The Chicago production of “Hamilton”led the audience in a chorus of “Go Cubs Go!”