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November 10, 2016 View email in browser

After Trump’s win, even some in Silicon Valley wonder: Has Facebook grown too influential?

When it comes to influencing public opinion, the 2016 presidential election demonstrated the weakening role of traditional media and the ascendant power of social networks like Facebook.


Retailers expand digital deals for Black Friday shoppers

Several retailers making it easier to skip the store on Black Friday and shop online.

4 things investors need to know in the wake of Trump’s upset victory

The stock market plunge expected after a Trump victory didn’t materialize and investors now are focused on investing for the growth they think Trump may spur.



Build-that-wall pledge has companies bracing for labor shortages

President-elect Donald Trump’s immigration proposals stand to further drive up labor costs at a time when many businesses are facing jumps in state-set minimum wages.

Macy’s sees happy holidays and shares boom

Macy’s is raising its sales outlook for the year after a strong showing for the department in the third quarter, a trend that it expects to continue.

Little People, Dungeons & Dragons top Toy Hall of Fame class

At long last, a big honor for the Little People.

Snowflakes, Santa, Starbucks: Coffee chain turns to customers for annual holiday cup designs

Instead of looking to its creative team, Starbucks turned to its latte-sipping customers to design its latest holiday red cups.

Megabus downsizing operations in Chicago

Megabus announced Thursday it will reduce its schedule, eliminate some routes and lay off about 100 employees in Chicago.

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