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November 11, 2016 View email in browser

Grubhub faces backlash after CEO’s anti-Trump email

Grubhub CEO Matt Maloney is facing a firestorm after speaking out against President-elect Donald Trump in an email to employees Wednesday, saying if they don’t agree with creating a culture of support and inclusiveness, they should resign.

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Who needs food? These Chicagoans reach for Soylent

Chicago developer Zach Schneider used to drop a 5-hour Energy into an Arnold Palmer when he needed to be productive. Now, he cracks open a bottle of Soylent.

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Uptake fellowships bring data science to nonprofits

Data scientists at Chicago-based Uptake are aiming to make a difference by applying their skills to social issues.

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Chicagoans reluctantly swap Samsung Galaxy Note 7s

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners in Chicago, like many in the U.S., have not been happy about the recall of their device.

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Coming Dec. 1: Blue Sky Social at Workspring

Join us as Blue Sky Innovation hosts the latest event in its networking series, Blue Sky Social, presented by Gentleman Jack.

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Is speaking out on politics bad for business?

The election’s finally over, but tech industry leaders are still dealing with fallout from a contentious political season. Here’s how Chicagoans navigated the challenges.

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