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November 11, 2016 View email in browser

Grubhub faces backlash after CEO’s anti-Trump email to employees

Grubhub CEO Matt Maloney spoke out against Donald Trump, saying if employees don’t agree with creating a culture of inclusiveness, they should resign.

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Illinois forcing Volkswagen to clean up its act

German automaker Volkswagen needs to make peace with Illinois and other ticked-off states that are suing it for allegedly fouling the environment.

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What will a Trump presidency mean for your wallet?

What will a Trump presidency mean to people’s wallets? Campaign positions on taxes, student loans, Social Security and Obamacare provide clues.

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Would you wear a Fitbit for work?

A growing number of companies are offering their employees wearable activity trackers –and then monitoring their progress — in hopes of improving workers’ health, boosting their productivity and saving money on health insurance costs.

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Group aims to preserve affordable housing on gentrifying Northwest Side

ROOTS, an acronym for Renters Organizing Ourselves To Stay, aims to help renters, who face being pushed out as buildings are being flipped and redeveloped.

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Radio Flyer’s chief wagon officer talks nostalgia, Tesla

The grandson of Radio Flyer’s founder says the company celebrates history, but doesn’t want to be “an antique.”

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Top Workplaces — and all workplaces — must focus on retention

As the job market improves, workplaces must focus on the human side of retention.

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Cannabis cocktails? Constellation Brands sees opening as laws ease

Constellation Brands, the alcohol giant behind Corona beer and Svedka vodka, is considering a new approach to livening up beverages: marijuana.

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