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November 15, 2016 View email in browser

As crime surges, more neighborhoods are caught in its grip

Violence in areas near the Loop has spiked, giving more well-heeled Chicagoans a taste of the fear that people in poor neighborhoods have experienced for decades.

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Cash bail under fire as discriminatory while poor inmates languish in jail

The cash-bail system has increasingly come under fire as discriminatory, stranding largely indigent, minority defendants for months as they await trial.

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Alshon Jeffery suspension raises more questions about Bears’ direction

Alshon Jeffery does the Bears offense no good in street clothes, and for the second straight season he will watch too many games when needed on the field.

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Downtown Chicago rents may start to ease, while condo prices rise, report says

Renters may be getting relief from too much rental building in Chicago as condo owners finally sell into a market where prices have recovered.

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Chatty interactive gas pump gets Chicago-area road test

Miles, an interactive BP gas pump, uses artificial intelligence to engage customers with music, trivia and photos while filling up

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Illinois, a blue island in a red sea: Data analysis

Lining up the Land of Lincoln with its neighbors shows Illinois is more diverse, more urban and more educated than most of them.

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Nate Silver wears Cubs hat as he talks World Series, election on ‘Daily Show’

Nate Silver appeared on “The Daily Show” Monday wearing a Cubs hat as he discussed World Series, election forecasts.

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Why Evanston superintendent’s post-election morning announcement went viral

Eric Witherspoon implored students to celebrate their diversity and take care of one another in the face of post-election anxiety

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