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November 17, 2016 View email in browser

Stephen Bannon: The next president’s whisperer

Steve Bannon, executive chairman of the alt-right Breitbart News and President-elect Donald Trump’s new chief strategist, works as a conduit to hate and intolerance. By adding someone as notorious as Bannon to his team, Trump has risked alienating millions of Americans who will determine whether his presidency succeeds or fails.

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Donald Trump’s infrastructure illusion

Donald Trump’s plan for an infrastructure push is bound to lead to disappointment, writes Steve Chapman.

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The life and death of Kyrian Knox

A 2-year-old toddler just beginning a lifetime of experiences is killed — allegedly because he cried too much.

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Trump won. Clinton lost. Deal with it, Democrats!

Angry Democrats behave as if government is their property and when Republicans win they are stealing merchandise that doesn’t belong to them, writes Cal Thomas.

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Hillary Clinton didn’t lose because of sexism

Hillary Clinton did not lose the election because of sexism, especially considering 53 percent of white women favored Donald Trump.

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Immigrant hopes may now depend on Melania Trump

If Melania Trump worked in the U.S. before she was legally authorized, it may change Donald Trump’s policy toward immigrants.

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The conflicts in Ivanka Trump’s ’60 Minutes’ look

Ivanka Trump’s company promoted the bracelet she wore for the “60 Minutes” interview. This foreshadows how White House life could clash with Trump Tower life.

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Scott Stantis cartoons

Check out the latest cartoons by Tribune editorial cartoonist Scott Stantis.

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