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Updated version: Cubs Edition – Celebrate Chicago’s historic win

Chicago Inside Slant Cubs Edition – 11/18/2016 Chicago Inside Slant Cubs Edition November 18, 2016 View email in browser Apologies if you’re getting this email twice. It seems our email system had a technical issue. Here’s the email you should have received. A dream fulfilled as the impossible comes true for the Cubs :$QG/ct17#track=ct_newsletter_inside-slant-cubs-edition___________20161118$QG/ct17#track=ct_newsletter_inside-slant-cubs-edition___________20161118 In winning the World Series for the first time since 1908, Cubs fulfilled their quest to reach the unreachable star. Read More :$QG/ct17#track=ct_newsletter_inside-slant-cubs-edition___________20161118 Chicago Cubs win the World Series :$QG/ct12#track=ct_newsletter_inside-slant-cubs-edition___________20161118$QG/ct12#track=ct_newsletter_inside-slant-cubs-edition___________20161118 Photos from Game 7 of the World Series at Progressive Field in Cleveland on Nov. 2, 2016. Read More :$QG/ct12#track=ct_newsletter_inside-slant-cubs-edition___________20161118 5 Greatest Chicago Cubs World Series Championship Collectibles :$QG/ct10#track=ct_newsletter_inside-slant-cubs-edition___________20161118$QG/ct10#track=ct_newsletter_inside-slant-cubs-edition___________20161118 The 5 Greatest Chicago Cubs World Series Championship Collectibles you need to own. [Sponsored Content] Read More :$QG/ct10#track=ct_newsletter_inside-slant-cubs-edition___________20161118 ADVERTISEMENT” >$QG/ct4?” >$QG/ct5?” >$QG/ct6? ‘Cubstock 2016’ puts cap on baseball crown; revelers jump from downtown bridge, lightposts :$QG/ct13#track=ct_newsletter_inside-slant-cubs-edition___________20161118$QG/ct13#track=ct_newsletter_inside-slant-cubs-edition___________20161118 A historic – and still somewhat surreal – 36 hours wrapped up Friday at Grant Park, as Chicago celebrated the Cubs’ World Series win. Read More :$QG/ct13#track=ct_newsletter_inside-slant-cubs-edition___________20161118 Writing on the Wrigley Wall: Latest way to celebrate Cubs’ World Series title :$QG/ct18#track=ct_newsletter_inside-slant-cubs-edition___________20161118$QG/ct18#track=ct_newsletter_inside-slant-cubs-edition___________20161118 No one would’ve thought the Cubs would even allow anyone to write on the wall of their shrine, but to their credit, they’ve not only let it happen, they encourage it. Read More :$QG/ct18#track=ct_newsletter_inside-slant-cubs-edition___________20161118 Cubs on verge of dynasty, likely to avoid familiar pitfalls :$QG/ct16#track=ct_newsletter_inside-slant-cubs-edition___________20161118$QG/ct16#track=ct_newsletter_inside-slant-cubs-edition___________20161118 Having shown resilience and having learned how to win during a historic playoff run, these Cubs Theo Epstein built look like baseball’s next dynasty. Read More :$QG/ct16#track=ct_newsletter_inside-slant-cubs-edition___________20161118 ADVERTISEMENT$QG/ct8#track=ct_newsletter_inside-slant-cubs-edition___________20161118 ‘Go Cubs Go’ makes debut on Billboard charts :$QG/ct11#track=ct_newsletter_inside-slant-cubs-edition___________20161118$QG/ct11#track=ct_newsletter_inside-slant-cubs-edition___________20161118 Steve Goodman’s 1984 song “Go Cubs Go,” which is played after every Cubs win at Wrigley Field, debuts on the Billboard Pop Digital Song Sales chart at No. 21. Read More :$QG/ct11#track=ct_newsletter_inside-slant-cubs-edition___________20161118 3 Reasons You Should Buy Chicago Cubs Memorabilia Now :$QG/ct9#track=ct_newsletter_inside-slant-cubs-edition___________20161118$QG/ct9#track=ct_newsletter_inside-slant-cubs-edition___________20161118 Three reasons to buy Chicago Cubs World Series Memorabilia Now. [Sponsored Content] Read More :$QG/ct9#track=ct_newsletter_inside-slant-cubs-edition___________20161118 This was the year: The Chicago Cubs win the 2016 World Series :$QG/ct15#track=ct_newsletter_inside-slant-cubs-edition___________20161118$QG/ct15#track=ct_newsletter_inside-slant-cubs-edition___________20161118 A day in the life of Chicago, after 108 years of waiting, the Cubs won the 2016 World Series. (Roger Morales / Chicago Tribune) Read More :$QG/ct15#track=ct_newsletter_inside-slant-cubs-edition___________20161118 How well do you remember the Cubs’ 2016 playoff run? :$QG/ct14#track=ct_newsletter_inside-slant-cubs-edition___________20161118$QG/ct14#track=ct_newsletter_inside-slant-cubs-edition___________20161118 How well do you remember the Cubs’ 2016 playoff run? Here are 11 questions, one for each postseason victory. Read More :$QG/ct14#track=ct_newsletter_inside-slant-cubs-edition___________20161118 Inside Slant is daily sports update delivered to your inbox just in time for your evening commute. To start receiving Inside Slant daily click here :$QG/ct2 . Sign up for Newsletters :$QG/ct7 | Privacy Policy :$QG/ct20 | Terms of Service :$QG/ct19 | Unsubscribe :” >$QG/ct3? | Copyright © 2016 Chicago Tribune | 435 N. Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL 60611 (312) 546-7900” >$QG/ct3?