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‘Ray & Joan’: Arch commentary on the McDonald’s empire

No one got richer off fast food than Ray Kroc, who bought out the McDonald brothers. Well, one person got richer than Ray: his third wife, Joan Kroc.

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Zadie Smith’s new novel is worth your ‘Time’

Who has the time? That is the central question posed by Zadie Smith’s mesmerizing fifth novel, “Swing Time.”

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Bernie Sanders’ new memoir: A look into the Democrats’ future?

Early in “Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In,” Bernie Sanders describes the 2014 midterm election as a “disaster” for establishment Democrats.

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So what are kids reading these days? A whole lot of ‘Wimpy Kid’

The comprehensive “What Kids Are Reading” report looks at the most popular books for kids in kindergarten through 12th grade.

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Wally Lamb attempts time travel in ‘I’ll Take You There’

Time travel, when done right, adds propulsion to a novel. In Wally Lamb’s “I’ll Take You There,” it feels more like a creaky gimmick than a well-oiled plot device.

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Audiobooks: ‘Learning to Swear in America’ is a YA laugh fest

“Highly Illogical Behavior,” “Riverkeep” and “Learning to Swear in America” are among several new audiobooks worth a listen.

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Brian D. McLaren, Mary Oliver and W.S. Merwin address the world of the spiritual

Reviews of “The Great Spiritual Migration,” “Upstream” and “Garden Time.”

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Chicago best-sellers: Nov. 7 – 13

This week’s best-sellers at local bookstores, including “The Sellout” by Paul Beatty.

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