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November 23, 2016 View email in browser

New Chicago tax leaves shoppers holding the bag

Beginning Jan. 1, a checkout tax of 7 cents per disposable bag will be added at all Chicago retailers — from massive chain stores to mom-and-pops.

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Fenwick football fiasco raises issues of sportsmanship, ethics

Fenwick, Plainfield football game brings up issues of sportsmanship, ethics and a basic question with no simple answer: What’s the right thing to do?

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Rauner wish list down to 5 main issues with stopgap plan set to expire

Gov. Bruce Rauner moves forward with a smaller wish list in an ongoing budget battle with the Democrat-controlled General Assembly.

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Scam alert: This holiday, retailers expect many unhappy returns

A holiday-related crime spree is ramping up and chances are you won’t even notice, but many local shopkeepers already are standing guard.

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Family, students remember Javon Wilson, grandson of Rep. Danny Davis, at vigil

More than 100 people, including students, relatives and school staff, gathered outside the Bronzeville school building for a vigil for Javon Wilson, grandson of Rep. Danny Davis

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Trump begins to back away from campaign vows on Clinton investigation, climate change

Two weeks after his election victory, President-elect Donald Trump began backing off campaign promises, including his hard line on climate change and his vow to jail “Crooked Hillary” Clinton.

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Idaho man hit by car, falls 50 feet into icy river and survives on ‘image of 7-month-old son

Idaho man survived being hit by a car on an icy interstate highway bridge, a 50-foot-fall into a river and a swim through its frigid waters with a broken leg.

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Do unto others. Offer to help. Go outside. Tips for a good Thanksgiving.

Mary Schmich: Do unto others. Offer to help. Go outside. Tips for a good Thanksgiving.

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