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November 25, 2016 View email in browser

A look at what we can learn from the election, why we shouldn’t accept the new normal and why President-elect Donald Trump should move to the White House.

Editorial: The Trumps should live in the White House

As the President-elect handles his transition from his hometown of New York rather than Washington, it creates traffic snarls and requires extra security that impacts local residents and businesses.| Chicago Tribune

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Column: Democrats in dire straits should learn from GOP

If Democrats expect to sit back and watch the GOP self-destruct, I fear they will be disappointed. | Orlando Sentinel

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Column: Don’t normalize Donald Trump, ‘abnormalize’ him

It’s hard to change people’s minds about someone they have normalized. Yet some things need to be abnormalized. | Chicago Tribune

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Op-Ed: We Need To Act, This Election Was About Us

I should not be waiting for Clinton. Clinton had lost, but this was in no way going to stop the forward momentum of the people of this country. | Harford Courant

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Letter: History is full of warnings of what Donald Trump could do to America

A large minority of Americans have just elected a president who offered them hope, overlooking an attitude toward race and torture that ought to have been categorically disqualifying. | Los Angeles Times

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Opinion: Bernie Sanders’ revolution still strong

For years, Bernie Sanders sensed the growing discontent and now he has the unexpected role as the independent leader of a shattered party. | South Florida Sun-Sentinel

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Editorial: Will conservatives in the GOP stand up to Trump?

Trump is notable among recent Republican presidential nominees in his talent for alienating conservatives. | Chicago Tribune

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Column: Re-uniting our divided states

It seems evident that the vast majority of Americans are disenchanted, and rightfully so, with the two major political parties. | Baltimore Sun

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