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Carrie Fisher talks ‘Star Wars’ and Harrison Ford in new memoir ‘Princess Diarist’

“The Princess Diarist” is something intensely personal, cringe-worthy (in good and bad ways), and, unlike the “Star Wars” films, anything but escapist entertainment.

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Shawn Shiflett’s ‘Hey, Liberal!’ tells story of racially-torn Chicago in 1969

Shiflett’s own stint at Lincoln Park High — then largely black and Hispanic, now largely white — is closely mirrored in the novel, and it isn’t a lovefest.

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Bill Murray, Carol Burnett among writers never the Twain shall meet

There is a literature-related award that has been perpetuating an injustice for nearly 30 years, the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.

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Holiday Gift Guide: 10 titles to give a bookworm

Holiday book giving need not be all candy canes and sugarplums. Spice it up this year with some grit and some soul.

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New books tell the stories of Popes Benedict, Francis

In tandem, or alone, two books tracing the spiritual roots and biographies of retired Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis make for extraordinary reading.

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Albert Murray collection offers statements and counterstatements on arts and culture

One failing aside, Albert Murray’s “Collected Essays & Memoirs” is a glorious volume that collects six of his books and a few reviews and interviews.

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Family stories are the subject of Michael Chabon’s ‘Moonglow

“Moonglow” follows a collection of deathbed stories told to a character named Michael Chabon by his grandfather.

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Chicago best-sellers: Nov. 14 – 20

Last week’s best-sellers throughout Chicagoland, including “Swing Time” by Zadie Smith.

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