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November 28, 2016 View email in browser

Workers to strike Tuesday at O’Hare and other Chicago sites

Traveling through O’Hare Tuesday? Expect a scene as airport workers strike and rally for a $15 minimum wage.

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New Chicago tax leaves shoppers holding the bag

Beginning Jan. 1, a checkout tax of 7 cents per disposable bag will be added at all Chicago retailers — from massive chain stores to mom-and-pops.

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Boeing was offered billions in illegal tax breaks, WTO says

A World Trade Organization panel on Monday ruled that Washington state offered billions in illegal tax breaks to plane-maker Boeing.

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Holiday shopping? Don’t be tempted by zero percent interest deals

Holiday shoppers need to beware so they aren’t misled by zero percent interest rate offers that often end up costing them dearly.

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Scam alert: This holiday, retailers expect many unhappy returns

A holiday-related crime spree is ramping up and chances are you won’t even notice, but many local shopkeepers already are standing guard.

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New OK Go video is collaboration with Morton Salt

OK Go released a video Wednesday for its 2014 single “The One Moment” in a partnership with Loop-based Morton Salt.

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How to know if buying into a Cyber Monday deal is worth it

Torn between the need to catch up at work post-holiday and the lure of those “unbelievable” deals only available (maybe) on Cyber Monday?

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Why giving up your phone number can mean giving up your privacy

If you give up your phone number, the burden is on you to find each business, person and entity linking that number to your life — or else your finances, medical records and other data are at risk.

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