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December 1, 2016 View email in browser

Battle over $600M wind power superhighway heads to Illinois Supreme Court

The state Supreme Court will hear arguments in favor of a massive wind power line that supporters say would create jobs, revenue and clean energy. Its detractors worry about a private company seizing land through eminent domain.

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Trump’s deal to keep 1,000 Carrier jobs in Indiana includes $7 million in state subsidies

Carrier would receive a $7 million package of incentives to keep its factory here from moving to Mexico, the company said Thursday, under a deal negotiated with the state after an unusual intervention by President-elect Donald Trump that could reshape the relationship between the White House and private enterprise.

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Chicago’s 2017 housing market will be weakest in nation, group says

Chicago’s housing market is expected to lag 100 major metro areas in 2017 as jobs and growth remain muted.

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Putting together the puzzle of Allstate’s $1.4 billion tech warranty firm purchase

Allstate, which makes its money selling insurance on homes and autos, is making a $1.4 billion bet that a lot of folks want to insure their digital wonders.

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McDonald’s first chief digital officer leaves, heads to Volvo

McDonald’s first chief digital officer, who oversaw huge advancements in the burger giant’s technology efforts, has left the company to join Volvo’s Car Group.

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Junk fax? Streamwood company files suit to end unwanted fax ads

Streamwood-based electrical contracting company New United is suing to stop unsolicited fax ads.

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Blame wages and turtle doves: ’12 Days’ now costs $34,363

The slow U.S. recovery is continuing to keep the cost of Christmas — or at least the gifts in “The Twelve Days of Christmas” — from spiraling out of control.

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Trump promised to repeal Obamacare, but it turns out Americans like most of it, a poll finds

Despite sharp partisan differences over the Affordable Care Act, Democrats and Republicans, including voters who backed President-elect Donald Trump, support the law’s key provisions.

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