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December 6, 2016 View email in browser

No soup for you: Judge upholds limits that hurt food trucks — and consumers — in Chicago

A Cook County judge has issued a crushing blow to Chicago food truck owners who have been trying to navigate tough City Council-imposed restrictions. The ruling is likely to chase many food trucks to the suburbs and beyond, leaving hungry Chicagoans with fewer — and less interesting — lunch options.

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A standoff that did not have to happen

The standoff over the Dakota Access Pipeline has triggered painful memories. The list of wrongs by Native Americans by the U.S. government is long and tragic.

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‘Pizzagate’ shows the real dangers of fake news

A man walked into a D.C. pizzeria with a gun to “self-investigate” a false election-related conspiracy theory that linked Hillary Clinton a child sex ring.

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The Taiwan syndrome: What happens if Trump rejects the art of diplomacy?

Donald Trump’s conversations with leaders of Taiwan and Pakistan flout diplomatic protocol. As president, that could mean a bumpy ride for U.S. foreign policy.

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Trump’s Taiwan call wasn’t a mistake. It was brilliant.

Trump’s phone call with Taiwan’s president served notice to Beijing that it is dealing with a different kind of American president.

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Trump makes Mitt Romney grovel for secretary of state

If Trump wants to show he is becoming more grounded, he could start by choosing Mitt Romney for secretary of state.

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The Electoral College isn’t perfect, but abolishing it could make our elections worse

Former Al Gore campaign manager Bill Daley explains why Democrats should rethink their calls to eliminate the Electoral College.

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Scott Stantis cartoons

Check out the latest cartoons by Tribune editorial cartoonist Scott Stantis.

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