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December 9, 2016 View email in browser

Take a peek inside Grubhub’s newly renovated office

Bike-frame light fixtures, throwback Chicago references and an in-house restaurant are just a few of the touches scattered throughout Grubhub’s office, a reconfigured space that gives the company room to grow.

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Blue Sky Views: Why your boss is still a white guy

We’re not even talking about the right causes of the diversity problem in tech yet, says MATH Venture Partners’ Samara Mejia Hernandez.

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Glance wants to put a smart mirror everywhere you go

Chicago startup Glance has created a digital mirror with a display to help you keep track of your schedule, your commute and whether to bring an umbrella.

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Gifts for hipsters: Stuff you didn’t know you wanted

Our hipster gift guide has the latest goods and gadgets: Mary and Joseph taking nativity selfies, mustache guards for your whiskey glass, high-end pickling containers and more.

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The Hater Gift Guide: Stuff we hate to love

As we search far and wide each year for gifts, we find some things we love, some we hate — and some we’re just confounded by. Meet the Hater Gift Guide.

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Blue1647 teams up to form arts-and-tech incubator

Blue1647 and Lacuna Artist Lofts are combining to create Blue Lacuna, a startup facility with offerings ranging from cooking to coding.

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