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December 12, 2016 View email in browser

As snow ends, single-digit temperatures forecast

Winter has arrived in Chicago. Despite nearly 8 inches of snow, Monday won’t be another day of snow — instead, it will provide the city with temporary relief before temperatures drop into negative digits later in the week.

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10 thoughts on the Bears’ 20-17 loss to the Lions

10 thoughts after the Chicago Bears fell victim to their own penalties and more fourth quarter magic by Matthew Stafford in a 20-17 loss to the Detroit Lions.

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Illinois Lottery’s biggest scratch-offs didn’t award 40% of grand prizes, Tribune finds

Under private manager Northstar, grand prizes in Illinois Lottery’s top-dollar instant-ticket games often weren’t awarded, a Tribune investigation found.

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Should bicyclists always halt at stop signs and wait at lights? Study says no

A new DePaul University study on bicycling has found that only 1 in 25 cyclists makes a full stop at stop signs, and maybe they shouldn’t have to.

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Ex-Rep. Schock to be arraigned on federal charges

Ex-Rep. Aaron Schock begins a new, challenging stage of life when he stands before a federal judge as a criminal defendant today.

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Discipline of cop involved in 2 fatal shootings fell through the cracks

Sgt. John Poulos might have been fired years ago, but his disciplinary case fell through the cracks for reasons the Police Department cannot explain.

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Woman and dog rescued from pond: ‘Is this the way I am going to go?’

Aurora resident Eric Medernach was relieved both his wife and his yellow Labrador were doing well, only a couple of hours after they were rescued from a frozen pond about 100 feet from their home.

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How to care for your car in the winter

Collection of cold-weather car stories ranging from how to ready your car for winter to how to get your car unstuck from snow.

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