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Political Opinions: Selling out workers

Tronc Elections – 12/12/2016 Tronc Elections We look into allegations of Russia’s interference with the 2016 election, Trump’s Cabinet picks and why the Democrats don’t need a total overhaul. December 13, 2016 View email in browser :$QV/tro10? Column: Trump’s actions selling out workers :$QV/tro6#track=_newsletter_election-2016___________20161213$QV/tro6#track=_newsletter_election-2016___________20161213 Donald Trump cast himself as the champion of a besieged American working class and a defender of its interests. His early decisions tell us something very different. | Hartford Courant Read More :$QV/tro6#track=_newsletter_election-2016___________20161213 Commentary: Why did Russia want Trump to win? :$QV/tro4#track=_newsletter_election-2016___________20161213$QV/tro4#track=_newsletter_election-2016___________20161213 Republicans now must decide where their highest loyalties rest — with Trump or with the defense of the country and our electoral system. | Chicago Tribune Read More :$QV/tro4#track=_newsletter_election-2016___________20161213 Editorial: Trump’s disastrous pick for EPA :$QV/tro1#track=_newsletter_election-2016___________20161213$QV/tro1#track=_newsletter_election-2016___________20161213 There are few Americans more hostile to environmental protection. This is a man determined to take the country backward, reject the Clean Power Plan and similar efforts to lower carbon emissions regardless of what science has to say on the subject. | Baltimore Sun Read More :$QV/tro1#track=_newsletter_election-2016___________20161213 ADVERTISEMENT$QV” >×250&li={LIST_ID}&$QV$QV” >×15&li={LIST_ID}&$QV$QV” >×15&li={LIST_ID}&$QV Editorial: Despite Trump, there’s still hope for the climate a year after Paris :$QV/tro7#track=_newsletter_election-2016___________20161213$QV/tro7#track=_newsletter_election-2016___________20161213 Much of the private sector already has bought into the reality of global warming, and as the price of generating energy from alternative sources continues to drop, reliance on coal and oil will too. | Los Angeles Time Read More :$QV/tro7#track=_newsletter_election-2016___________20161213 Commentary: Trump’s looming war against Islam :$QV/tro5#track=_newsletter_election-2016___________20161213$QV/tro5#track=_newsletter_election-2016___________20161213 Donald Trump is about to lead the West into the third and darkest phase of its 15-year quest to neutralize the threat of Islamic extremism. | Chicago Tribune Read More :$QV/tro5#track=_newsletter_election-2016___________20161213 Op-Ed: Can we really take Trump seriously, not literally? :$QV/tro2#track=_newsletter_election-2016___________20161213$QV/tro2#track=_newsletter_election-2016___________20161213 Perhaps we shouldn’t take the literally-seriously distinction too literally. Perhaps what Trump supporters really mean is that he should get a free pass whenever his mouth gets him in trouble? | Baltimore Sun Read More :$QV/tro2#track=_newsletter_election-2016___________20161213 Op-Ed: Recounts should be the norm, not the exception :$QV/tro8#track=_newsletter_election-2016___________20161213$QV/tro8#track=_newsletter_election-2016___________20161213 Why is it so difficult, and so controversial, to get the results of a U.S. presidential election inspected and verified? | Los Angeles Times Read More :$QV/tro8#track=_newsletter_election-2016___________20161213 Commentary: The main job requirement to lead a federal agency :$QV/tro3#track=_newsletter_election-2016___________20161213$QV/tro3#track=_newsletter_election-2016___________20161213 Presidents should generally be allowed to choose their own employees. Unless nominees fall below reasonable standards for honesty and competence, senators should vote to confirm them, even if they disagree intensely with their views. | Chicago Tribune Read More :$QV/tro3#track=_newsletter_election-2016___________20161213 Editorial: The president — whether Obama or Trump — is not the king :$QV/tro9#track=_newsletter_election-2016___________20161213$QV/tro9#track=_newsletter_election-2016___________20161213 Democrats who believe Trump has gone beyond constitutional limits on executive power should follow the lead of Republicans who sued Obama over similar concerns. | San Diego Union-Tribune Read More :$QV/tro9#track=_newsletter_election-2016___________20161213 Click here :$QV/tro13 to sign up for more newsletters from Tribune Online Content. Orlando Sentinel$QV/tro13 Orlando Sentinel$QV/tro13 Orlando Sentinel$QV/tro13 Orlando Sentinel$QV/tro13 Orlando Sentinel$QV/tro13 Orlando Sentinel$QV/tro13 Orlando Sentinel$QV/tro13 Orlando Sentinel$QV/tro13 Orlando Sentinel$QV/tro13 Unsubscribe :” >$QV/tro12? | Privacy Policy :$QV/tro14 | Copyright © 2016 tronc | 202 W. 1st St. Los Angeles, CA 90012, (213) 237-5000$QV/tro14