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Manufacturing’s big challenge: Finding skilled and interested workers

Amid worries about lost factory jobs, some manufacturers say the industry’s health relies more on finding workers trained for the jobs that will keep them competitive in the future.

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Pharmacies miss half of dangerous drug combinations

The Chicago Tribune visited 255 pharmacies to see how often stores would dispense risky drug pairs without a warning. Fifty-two percent failed the test.

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Ho ho horribly ugly Christmas sweaters are not going away

Retailers have spotted an opportunity with those ugly Christmas sweaters, as what once seemed like a fad refuses to fade. Their sweaters are newly made, not from the depths of someone’s closet, but the festive holiday styling is the same.

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Illinois ranks 26th in the nation for health, foundation says

Illinois has more primary care doctors and fewer smokers than most states, but also more air pollution, chlamydia and excessive drinking, a new report says.

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Who is the mysterious auto startup that wants to bring jobs back to a shuttered Mitsubishi plant in Normal?

The town of Normal, which desperately wants to reopen its shuttered Mitsubishi auto plant, is hitching a ride with a mysterious carmaker.

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Health groups warn of ‘grave harm,’ urge Rauner to fight Obamacare repeal

Illinois health advocacy groups, medical providers and service organizations Gov. Bruce Rauner to warn Congress against changes to Obamacare and Medicaid.

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The bookstore that sells autographs of Alexander Hamilton and Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln Book Shop owner Daniel Weinberg and says the Revolutionary War is “a little hotter now” than the Civil War in terms of consumer interest.

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FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler announces he is stepping down

The nation’s top telecommunications regulator said Thursday that he will step down at the end of President Barack Obama’s term.

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