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December 19, 2016 View email in browser

If you have employer health insurance, an Obamacare repeal will affect you too

Ending Obamacare could change how insurance works for the estimated 6.8 million Illinoisans and 156 million Americans covered through employers last year.

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Send everyone home for Christmas — nobody’s working anyway

If you’re running a business, you might as well shut up shop for Christmas now. Your employees might be there, but they’re not putting their heart into it.

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McDonald’s franchisee sued over value meal prices

A Des Plaines man has filed a lawsuit against a local McDonald’s franchisee alleging “Extra Value Meals” cost more than the items ordered separately.

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Young doctors could work 28 hours straight under new plan, despite risks

The group that oversees physician training in the U.S. has proposed rolling back rules so that young doctors just out of medical school can work shifts as long as 28 hours.

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Pilots who fly Amazon planes suggest company may not deliver

Union pilots who fly products for are taking concerns about pay, working conditions and staffing shortages directly to online shoppers.

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How a llama and a blowup doll ended up on business expense reports

The craziest expense reports include a llama, a blowup doll and a bagpipe player.

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These three U.S. companies moved jobs to Mexico. Here’s why

Here’s a look at why three companies have moved, or are in the process of moving, work to Mexico.

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Miss a holiday shipping deadline? Retailers court procrastinating gift-givers

There are still ways to get online orders delivered to your home same-day — even on Christmas Eve.

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