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News Alert: Trump’s 100th day

It’s been 100 days like no other. Today marks President Donald Trump’s 100th day in office — for supporters, a heady moment in history that has brought a political outsider to the world’s most powerful office with promises to make the country great again; for detractors, a presidency they see as incompetent, haphazard and reckless. Supporters and detractors and the President will all make their voices heard today. Protesters will take to the streets in Washington for the People’s Climate Movement. Hundreds of sister marches are also planned across the United States and around the world, billed as a mobilization for climate, jobs and justice. This evening, Trump will rally with supporters at a campaign-style event in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to promote his accomplishments. He will not, however, attend tonight’s White House Correspondents’ Association dinner. It will be the first time a president has missed the event since 1981 when Ronald Reagan was recovering from an assassination attempt. Watch CNN for full coverage on any device.

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