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Roughly Speaking podcast: A classic Western and the Hollywood witch hunt (episode 242)

“High Noon” is a Hollywood classic, but it was made during the Red Scare, when Congress was looking for suspected communists among the film industry’s producers, writers, directors.
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Roughly Speaking podcast: What’s changed two years after Baltimore unrest? (episode 241)

Kevin Shird, a Baltimore native and drug dealer-turned-youth advocate, talks about the unrest that hit Baltimore two years ago today, on the day of Freddie Gray’s funeral.
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Roughly Speaking podcast: Is hemp the next big thing in farming? (episode 240)

Confusion with marijuana and a federal prohibition form obstacles to the return of a branch of agriculture that could augment the income of Maryland farmers and spawn new businesses, a report says.
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Pain, anger and a plea for parole

A rare look inside a Maryland parole hearing – for a woman who was a juvenile at the time of her crime.
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Roughly Speaking podcast: How Coke became kosher (episode 239)

Food historian Roger Horowitz shares stories from his new book, “Kosher USA,” about the keeping of the Jewish dietary law in the modern industrial food system.
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Rebuilding the lost village in East Baltimore

Promising redevelopment in a neglected, blighted area of East Baltimore.
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Roughly Speaking podcast: As Baltimore considers a dirt bike park, Cleveland votes to build one (episode 238)

Leila Atassi, City Hall reporter for The Cleveland Plain Dealer, talks about Cleveland’s effort to curtail illegal dirt biking by building a $2.3 million dirt bike park.
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Roughly Speaking podcast: What Baltimore data — from birth rates to block parties — says about the city (episode 237)

A dive into data about health, housing and community trends across Baltimore.
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