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TV viewers have an abundance of devices at their disposal to watch content whenever and however they want. But in the US, the big screen is still their preferred access point.
Week’s Top Articles

Where Do Americans Watch TV? Hint: No, Not on Mobile
Alexa, Say What?! Voice-Enabled Speaker Usage to Grow Nearly 130% This Year
Snapchat Reaches 166 Million Daily Users
Worldwide Social Video Ad Spending Levels Off (for Now)
Advertisers Are Warming to Short-Form Pre-Roll Ads
Interview of the Week


For Heineken, With Ads of 6 Seconds, Facebook Is a Mobile ‘Billboard’

Frank Amorese, senior media director at Heineken USA, talks about some of the challenges the brand has faced with Facebook advertising, especially when it comes to video. Read Interview
An interview with:
Frank Amorese
Senior Media Director
Heineken USA
Chart of the Week



eMarketer Report: Email Marketing Benchmarks – Download Now Email continues to deliver strong ROI and value for marketers. But how is mobile use, message frequency and data-driven relevancy impacting performance? This report looks at the current state of email, its performance metrics and trends serving to make email more relevant to customers.Receive my copy.
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Ant Financial Targets Chinese Travelers in the US Through First Data Partnership
New Challenges for Apple in China
European IoT Players Concerned About Rules Overhaul
eMarketer Report Shows How New Video Services Are Changing Perception of What Pay TV Is