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Daily Dose: Pilates or cardio. Which is best?


24 April 2017

Pilates or cardio – which is best?

Got ADHD? There’s an app for that!

Immune therapy shows early promise against MS

When oxygen runs low, the naked mole-rat finds a way

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Ask our Cancer expert: "Unknown object between colon and outside of right kidney."

Hack your health

Colonoscopies, while acknowledged to be an effective and safe method of screening for colon cancer, are notoriously uncomfortable. Now there is an alternative that most people will find easier to digest. The new technique involves swallowing a pill that contains two tiny cameras which capture images from inside the patient’s digestive tract and wirelessly send them to a recorder attached to his or her belt. Once the non-reusable capsule has done its job, it’s excreted and flushed down the toilet while the recorder is returned to the doctor’s office.


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